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Gato Audio PM-6

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CHF 3'290.00

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2.5-way Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The PM-6 takes the already impressive performance of the PM-2 to the next level with enhanced deep bass that plumbs the depths with authority, impact and force.

Look at them curves!

The elegant curvature of the enclosure is more than a design affectation. The specific geometry of the cabinet eliminates internal standing waves, because reflections between boundaries are never in synchronism. Enclosure geometry is carefully calculated so that any vibration in the front baffle is immediately transferred to the rear where it is absorbed harmlessly in the rounded back profile integrated into the enclosure specifically to provide additional mass loading to aid in damping resonance and vibration.

Powerful Motors

Although superficially similar to the mid/bass driver that the PM-6 shares with the stand-mount PM-2 (170 mm paper cone, low-loss suspension, powerful motor assembly with shorting rings), the second PM-6 woofer is, beneath the surface, a substantially different driver, optimised for added deep bass extension and the increased power handling capability required for true low frequency reproduction.


  • 2½ way system
  • Bass reflex construction
  • Magnetically attached driver grills
  • Adjustable spike system, with locks and floor savers.
  • Designed, developed and build in Copenhagen, Denmark

Technische Informationen

  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 34 Hz - 25kHz (-6dB)/td>
  • SENSITIVITY (2,83V): 90dB
  • CONNECTORS: Gold plated binding post / 4mm Plugs, bi-wire
  • HIGH FREQUENCY: 38mm ring radiator, powerful ferrite motor and optimised chamber
  • MID & LOW FREQUENCY: 170mm paper cone. low loss suspension, motor with shorting rings and optimised voice coil
  • LOW FREQUENCY: 170mm paper cone. low loss suspension, motor with shorting rings
  • SIZE (WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH): 200 x 1020 x 370 mm
  • WEIGHT: 28 kg